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Family Portrait Session: Ortiz-Wilson

Just realized I forgot to post this session. We shot this about a hundred years ago.

My "studio" used to be my garage. Ryan and Jacqueline have been with me since then, since their first maternity session. I love them for that. Also because they're just genuinely kind-hearted people. 

Jacqueline and her daughter are like mirror images of each other.

Reid is not a baby anymore!

I know this one's blurry, but I love it.
I've lost count of how many sessions we've done together, but you can find some of the others here, herehere and here.  


The Ortiz-Wilsons 

I've had the pleasure of photographing the Ortiz-Wilsons since before Mia was born. They're always fun to hang with, and super easy to photograph because they're not afraid to show affection. (*hint to all those potential clients out there: Photographers LOVE PDAs!). So, this time we went to Guadalupe State Park. Ryan is an outdoorsy guy from Seattle and brings the kids here a lot. So this spot had special meaning for them. Not surprisingly, I'd never been... because as Jason likes to say to our children when I'm screaming about frogs in the house, "Your mom is not a fan of nature". Well, I'm definitely going back when it gets hot again. So THERE. I actually am a fan of nature, as long as it's nice and easy, doesn't require dealing with critters, hiking, sweating, or having to pee into anything other than a toilet. On that lovely note.

Meet Jacqueline and Ryan and their cutie pattooties (again).  :)

Thanks Ryan and Jackie! :)


the Barrys

It started as a fabulous morning. The sun was hot, the air was cold. Me, my coffee and Stone Temple Pilots were on the way to Seguin for the first shoot of the day. Only that shoot turned out to be about 45 minutes OUTSIDE of town. And I got WAY lost on the way. And that put me on a path of destruction for the day. To make matters worse I had no cell service so I was completely panicking. By the time I showed up to the Barry's lake house, where they had been DRESSED UP and WAITING for hours, I wanted to crawl under a hole and die. Or be struck down by lightning. Wondering how possible it could be to will myself to spontaneously combust, I forced myself to drive up to their door. Quickly scanning for snipers and resisting the urge to cry, I was met with what is probably the most gracious family I've ever photographed. Even though they were then late for their own plans that weekend, they rocked out a their session like nobody's business, and were so amazing and understanding. Plus, let's be real. They all look like hired models, so it's not like they could take a bad photo if they tried. Thank you for being so sweet Barry Family. You guys are awesome.

You probably recognize Brent because he used to play for the Spurs, and then the Rockets. And Erin works with the Heart Gallery and the city helping kids in need and doing social work. I know that San Antonio is really glad to have them back!


shout out

So much time has passed since I posted, I don't know how to organize my thoughts. I think we're just going to freestyle the randomness. I want to give shout-outs to a few businesses and people who have rocked my socks off...besides my amazing husband who has been putting up with my workaholic ways, sweats, and un-washed hair for weeks. 

K, unsolicited, these are some people who have made my life happier recently. In no particular order...

1. Showit Sites. OHMYLORD THERE ARE NO WORDS to describe what we've been through building the new site. I talked to SO MANY developers and they could do this but not this and it would take 2 weeks and 4 weeks and 6 months and they weren't sure but maybe it would be $1000 or maybe $6000 we can't say and I'm sorry I didn't return your call and I thought we could do that but now we can't. oops. It's a miracle that I still have hair on my head for as much as I've been pulling it out. Then (cue the doves) we tried Showit. And while there is a learning curve to figuring it out, the system is super intuitive, and flexible! It's basically like designing the site you want in photoshop and turning it into a website. We used it for the entire Epiphanie site, and found it to be pretty limitless. Their developers should be SUPER proud of what they created. I highly recommend them to anyone that needs a website...not just photographers.

2. Kal. In the midst of her own crazy carnival preparations for her recent art show, she would send me the coolest ideas and links. She designed the Epiphanie logo, and offered up some really generous, professional, INSIGHTFUL critique along the way. She is the real deal, and my artistic idol. I mean who else can make you drool over a freaking pine cone?!

3. Speaking of idols. I have a new photography one every week, but if you haven't seen Sarah's recent photos of Thailand, you are missing out. She is IN-CREDIBLE. Like, my-life-will-not-be-complete-until-I-get-to-be-photographed-by-her-kind-of-incredible. Which is how I feel about Tara too. Plus I'm totally stealing her elf idea next week. 

4. Making my own rules for the holidays. I'm not buying gifts for anyone but my kids this year. It's been too insane. And rather than make it worse, I'm deciding that you all can live one more year without another candle, sweater, or picture frame from me. I'm sure you're all just wrecked with grief.  :) 

5. Not sending holiday cards. This one bums me out because I'm the one person on earth who genuinely ENJOYS sending them. I love the whole process of taking the photos, designing them. I love the papery smell of them, and the ritual of sitting down with my wine, finding the right pen, writing something personal in each one. But this year it's an indulgence. I've had enough mommy-guilt to last me a while. So if it comes between making gingerbread houses with the kids and cards, the cards have got to go. 

6. Beau Cobb. is my good friend DD's husband. And he's been asking repeatedly about when I was going to post again. Thanks's nice to feel loved and missed!  (... :) is that a good enough shout out D? Hahaha!)

Oh there is so much more. Like, I dyed my hair red but it turned out brown. And everyone (including my sweet hairstylist) agrees that I should go back to blonde. They say it's "not me" and I agree. If a day ever comes where it's not in a ponytail, I'll show you.

Okay, this was a lot of writing. And I have SO MANY sessions to post. It's my goal to get them all posted THIS YEAR. So posting will be back to normal for a while.

Remember Jamie? If you're in San Antonio, you might know her from KJ97, and she also does the gossip stuff for the Living Show on Fridays. Anyway, she and her husband Aaron are super cool. I first photographed them when she was pregnant with her first, so it's been fun to watch their family grow. It's even more fun to photograph them because they're always laughing and playing, and just generally laid back, crazy fun peeps. 


I love this one because they are huge football fans. Like HUGE. It was so cute when the boys were running up as fast as their little legs would go...
I also posted a behind the scenes shot of me shooting this session (all "willy nilly") at Shutter Sisters. Come visit and say hello. All comments today will be entered to win a camera bag of your choice. And there is a 15% discount code listed too (good through Saturday!) Don't miss out, this is the last promo we will be running until the spring!

Phew, that was a mouth full. But it's glad to be back. See you again soon!




The Davis Fam

I should really learn to blog in order. This session is from a bazillion years ago.

Remember my pretty friend Shannon? She is also an attorney who uses her powers for good.  :)

This is her sweet family. We had a great time shooting around the studio. 

Happy weekend! xo