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Family Portrait Session: Ortiz-Wilson

Just realized I forgot to post this session. We shot this about a hundred years ago.

My "studio" used to be my garage. Ryan and Jacqueline have been with me since then, since their first maternity session. I love them for that. Also because they're just genuinely kind-hearted people. 

Jacqueline and her daughter are like mirror images of each other.

Reid is not a baby anymore!

I know this one's blurry, but I love it.
I've lost count of how many sessions we've done together, but you can find some of the others here, herehere and here.  


The Ortiz-Wilsons 

I've had the pleasure of photographing the Ortiz-Wilsons since before Mia was born. They're always fun to hang with, and super easy to photograph because they're not afraid to show affection. (*hint to all those potential clients out there: Photographers LOVE PDAs!). So, this time we went to Guadalupe State Park. Ryan is an outdoorsy guy from Seattle and brings the kids here a lot. So this spot had special meaning for them. Not surprisingly, I'd never been... because as Jason likes to say to our children when I'm screaming about frogs in the house, "Your mom is not a fan of nature". Well, I'm definitely going back when it gets hot again. So THERE. I actually am a fan of nature, as long as it's nice and easy, doesn't require dealing with critters, hiking, sweating, or having to pee into anything other than a toilet. On that lovely note.

Meet Jacqueline and Ryan and their cutie pattooties (again).  :)

Thanks Ryan and Jackie! :)


The Ortiz-Wilsons

Thank you for all the nice posts and emails about Emily's new do. Now that a day has passed, I'm over the shock...and also wishing it had happened in time for Halloween. She could have been a monster truck driver, or racoon hunter, or one of the brides from Redneck wedding. Jason took her to the salon to have it fixed. And I know he told the stylist to keep it as long as possible. But the result is that she now looks like the mom from One Day At A Time. I see another trip to the salon in the future of Miss Bonnie Franklin.

Okay, onto some family photos. Her are the Ortiz-Wilsons agan. I met Jackie and Ryan for their first maternity session. They were (and still are) the EEEEEASIEST family to photograph. They are totally connected, and fun, and Ryan completely adores his girls. They are all the sweetest.

 Thank you Jackie and Ryan! And if you all have waited to schedule your Christmas session, there is still time! I don't have any weekends left, but there is availability during the weekdays. Call soon! 210-259-3271


More from the Ortiz-Wilsons

Remember their cute maternity shots? Well, here is the sequel. Meet The Mr. Reid. He's brand new, and really cute.



I love these of Mia getting her photo on.






I love this one. I think we all need a tree trunk to sit on when we feel this way.



They posted a couple shots of me taking these photos on their cute family blog right here. Thanks Jackie and Ryan for yet another fun shoot. Congratulations on your newest addition! You have a truly sweet family!