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Shelly Miles and her girls

My friend Shelly came by the studio the other day. We took a few newslady-ish shots so she could update her photos at work. 

"Hello, I'm approachable yet serious interviewer Shelly Miles. Tell me all your secrets Brangelina."

She also needed a few shots for her daughter's dance competitions. They happen to be prodigy superstars who travel throughout the year winning up all the awards in Texas. 

12 years old people.  

Then we went outside and took some funner pictures. Is funner a word? Spell check is not underlining it. Weird. 

Happy hump day. Also, thanks everyone who commented on the last post to say you're still reading. I love you guys. xo


Really quick because I know my mom is dying to see the clip. :0)  xo

My day started when I signed in at the WOAI desk only to see the name "Amy DeYoung" right above mine. What?!! So a little background. I'm addicted to many blogs...probably more than I should ever admit. And you know you are too, so ANYway, I'd stumbeld on Amy's photo blog about a year ago, and kept up periodically. When I saw that she was moving to San Antonio (a few months back), I basically sent her an email that said, "Hi you don't know me. I'm a blog stalker. Want to have lunch? And I promise I won't murder you". So brave soul that she is, actually agreed. And we had a great time. She also happens to be PREGNANT. So she OF COURSE went to Prego Central and coincidentally met DD, who naturally asked (pretty) Amy to be in the fashion show. And it was so great to see her today in this SMALL WORLD that we live in. Anyway, Amy was also smart enough to bring her camera, so she got a few behind-the-scenes shots if you want to check them out (on her blog link above). THANKS AMY!!  :)

And here are the clips from the show. 

Of everybody. My segment. And of the belly fashionista show.

K. I must go to bed RIGHT THIS MINUTE. 

*hi again, I'm not sure why the links are all going to the fashion show. But you can click any of the links above, and then click "New Twist To Baby Room Decorating" and "More Great Baby Ideas".


on my way to the show

Glad that it's not really about me this time. Hoping I won't have to do much talking. And thinking there are reasons why I'm usually behind the camera.

I'll try to pop in later. And today I'm also here. :0)