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Alli The Great

Once upon a time I went to Nashville to photograph one of the new fall styles. Alli had graciously agreed to be the next Epiphanie model. And in true form, I made things more complicated than they needed to be by organizing a girls trip around it because:

1. I am addicted to girls' trips. 

2. I think work and play should converge whenever possible.

3. No photo shoot is complete without a little bruising

It was such a great time. I'm now an advocate for planning random girls' trips around any sort of business travel. Dental conference in Des Moines? Realtor meeting in Bakersfield? Party.

...The only thing is that I might have extended my complication extravaganza a little too much, by deciding to entirely change the design of the new style ... oohhhh you know weeks AFTER our shoot.


1. I am clearly allergic to simplicity. And there is not even a 2 or 3. 

Sooo, I won't be posting the photos from the first bag because I've since broken up with it. But I do have a few of Alli that we just took for fun. And she is too cute not to plaster all over the internet. 

Alli is The Quintessential Southern Belle in the loveliest sense. 

My favorite:

If you don't know Alli, she is (among other things) founder of all things Blissdom. I think she is also Czar of the Internet

And this look, including the belt that was cut from a pair of orange TIGHTS was crafted by amazing Macgyver Stylist: Erin Loechner


Family Portrait Session: Sanchez

This is one of my oldest, dearest friends. We grew up together. I love her and her family.

A couple years ago when I was in San Francisco, I photographed her family of three. Then last year, after they'd grown to four.

Then in the perfect demonstration of how behind I am at posting, last week they welcomed Charlotte Sophie into the world, officially turning themselves into a family of FIVE! I think I'm going to be back in San Francisco around the beginning of October. Hopefully I'll get to photograph them again. And if you're in the area, let me know if you want to book a session to photograph you, too. 

Speaking of San Francisco, Melissa writes an awesome blog called Savvy in San Francisco. I've said before how she's always been the kind of person who knows something about everything. Whether you're flying to Paris and want to know the best place to have a picnic, or whether you're looking for the perfect nail polish, she is that friend that you call first. Which is why I was so thrilled when she started putting all of her amazing knowledge out into the world. 

Congrats again Sanchez fam! Love you. xoxo