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Intermission: Emily and Charles

My day took a crazy turn yesterday and so much slipped through the cracks...(including my Shutter Sisters post...SORRY TRACEY! The Kostenchuck fam is not ready to post yet either.

However, I did look at my files and realize that I have a BAZILLION sessions that I haven't blogged yet. I had no idea how much they'd been stacking up. So here we go...time out from Canada to meet cute Emily and her adorably grown-up little man Charles. So, she found me online (which sounds weird when you put it that way). But their shoot was so much fun that we ended up having lunch afterwards. She's really smart and animated, and tells the best stories. In fact posting this is reminding me that we really need to get together for sushi again, soon!

The only bad thing about her is that she looks like a super model, which always makes me feel like I need to lose 20 pounds, and spray tan, and get my roots done, and also get braces, botox, and a tummy tuck and before we get together.   :)

This is only a partial sampling of Emily's shoe collection which should be displayed in a museum, or at least an art gallery. If it was possible, I would have had her put them all on at the same time. This was the closest I could get. Love little Charles' feet in there too.

More from Canada tomorrow (hopefully).  

Reader Comments (3)

Love! The shoe shot is the best, I want those purple heels!
October 16, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterChristina C
Beautiful! I am envious of your talent with the pix. Love it! This lady and her little boy are adorable, too. That doesn't hurt!
October 16, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterLeah
wow, these are so incredible. What a lovely vignette of mommy and son!
October 19, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterjennie

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