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Stuff I Meant to Blog (Part 2)

They truly are "memory" cards. I've been downloading photos from the past six months, and found this day that I'd forgotten about. It was the end of Alt Summit. I think Kal and I were a little burned out, wishing we'd chosen to leave a day earlier. I get that way at every conference. And I always think it will never happen again. 

But then it started to snow in the most beautifully fake movie-set kind of way. We went downstairs to photograph it and ended up making ridiculous angels in a half inch of snow. Being in the snow with Kal is like being in the ocean with Laird Hamilton (you know I've kicked it with him on more waves that I can count). What I'm trying to say with my bad metaphor is that she is a total snow expert. She knows how every different kind looks and feels and falls. Her love for, and understanding of it makes it ten times more fun to be in. 

And as someone who loves the slow lane (for real), who hates driving with the top down, this is me walking on the wild side yo. Ohhh pretty pretty snow, and I am in it. 

Then we ordered hot chocolate with extra whipped cream, moved the couch to the window...

  ... and enjoyed the majesty of nature while surfing twitter. 

A perfect day if you ask me.

You might already know that I've been a fangirl for Kal's work since before there were blogs. I once even stalked her flew to Winnipeg to photograph her family. She's always working on a million projects. One of her latest (I'm sure you've heard about) is Link With Love. Now that it's so easy to pin and post and use and abuse art and photos and music. Well, this is her way of helping to make people more conscious about how and what we post. It's about giving credit where credit is due. And if you're someone who creates (or just loves) art in any form, it affects you. You can help spread the word by purchasing one of these smart key tags she designed. 

They're only $3.00 for two. You can get them here before they're sold out again. Also, this is not a sponsored post. Which is funny to write because my blog is now way too small for someone to offer me money to say anything. I just thought I'd clarify that I'm only writing about it because Kal is the real deal. And so is the work she's doing. 

Last two photos and graphic by Kal.  

Reader Comments (3)

LOVE this post. LOVE.
SO SO Happy that you are back!! MISSED YOU!! When are you coming to visit next? Since J is taking C on a trip you should probably come visit me with the girls! XX
June 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSavvy in San Francisco
I would love to share your photos for a health e-course I'm currently developing for patients with digestive intestinal diseases. Their quality of life is greatly diminished and my core message is "positive psyhology". Getting people to participate in creative projects and developing a deep understanding of their emotional fears, challenges and empowering them to communicate their needs to their healthcare team, friends and family.

Some of the photos you post are an inspiration for those who experience physical and emotional pain daily. Design is an powerful tool to they shape the way we see the world and what we use.

Please email me if I may get permission, I will of course credit your work.

March 17, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterDebra Wiley

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