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Fluffy The Tiny Mighty Easter Birdie

At Christmas time, our wreath was made of styrofoam holly berries. During the day, we thought ghosts were knocking on the door until we realized it was just birds trying to eat them. We all became accustomed to strange rustling. Then I was convinced we had a bat because every time we came home at night something would fly panicked out from under (what we thought was) the roof.

Last week we realized it was flying out of a NEST behind our Fiesta wreath!

 Y'all, THERE IS A BIRD LIVING ON OUR DOOR! I'm not sure what that means. But I'm pretty sure we just won Easter.

Okay, a week ago she looked more like an embryo. Having never seen a bird this new, and being generally wimpy about this kind of stuff, my first reaction was to be stunned and mildly grossed out. But then she became My Sweet Little Ugly Birdie Chickie Baby. I'm serious. The way her whole body moves up and down every time her heart beats. It's like you can actually see her Life force trying to inhabit the tiny space of her two inch body. She still can't lift her head, and her spine isn't thicker than a pin. But there she sits, precariously exposed to wind and rain and the terror of my kids incessant door-slamming. 

This is what she looks like now. A few more feathers and a transparent body that only a mom could love. And me too. I love her because she makes me think about how fragile we all are, what a miracle it is that our hearts even beat at all, and how much trust and strength it takes for anyone to keep growing. 

I'm pretty sure there is no better way to celebrate Easter or Passover. 

I hope you are all enjoying it too. xo

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beautifully said, Maile! Good luck to Fluffy... and may you have a beautiful Easter :-)
April 7, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJo
OK, you have me balling - There is no other symbol more significant than the mircle of birth and renewed Faith.
Happy Easter

by the way - Stay-cations are PRICELESS (and will be the best memories of their childhood)
I am sure there are those friends around you who would rather Stay-cation than have dinner with the in-laws. (he he ha!)

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